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Ultrasonic Thickness

Technical Specifications?? Measuring range 0.15~20mm Display resolution 0.001 mm and 0.01 mm selectable Sound velocity

Ultrasonic Thickness

Technical Specification Measuring range(depends on probe) Transducer 5PØ10: 1.2-200mm (steel in T-E testing mode) 3~20mm(steel in E-E

TT300A Ultrasonic

Model TT300A Measuring range  0.75mm-225.0mm (steel) Tolerance ±0.5% H +0.01mm Lower limits of steel

TT130 Ultrasonic

  TT130         Measuring range 0.75 – 300.00mm (steel) Measuring

TT120 Ultrasonic

  TT120         Measuring range 0.75 – 300.00mm (steel) Measuring

TIME2260 Ultrasonic

Transducer 5MHz, Dia.12mm Zero calibration Aut Gauge calibration Calibrate the sound velocity when the thickness is known Calibrate the

High-end Ultrasonic

Features A scan and B scan, various single and dual crystal probes with different methods for multiple complicated application Suitable for wide range measurement while

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