Xray Industrial

Xray Inspection for Empty

FSCAN-3200 is a highly efficient and low priced equipment that can automatically detect empty packaging (defective product) and damages (breakage) of pharmaceutical products, and

Xray Inspection for Can a

Law on Product Liability (PL) has been effectuated. Are you able to verify to the consumers that there are no internal defects in your products? We pledge that our Xray

Wide-beam: Xray generator

Memiliki sudut radiasi hingga 70 derajat dengan hasil output yang memiliki kualitas tinggi, memiliki stabilitas frekuensi untuk jenis x ray generator. Biasa digunakan untuk jalur

Portable Xray generator R

Portable Xray generator RIX-MC series memiliki bentuk portable size atau ukuran yang kecil sehingga mudah dalam pengaplikasian dilapangan.   Xray jenis ini menggunakan

Portable Xray generator R

RIX-CP series are inverter-controlled X-ray generator. 【RIX-100CP】 100kV 5mA soft X-ray region generator which has ability to adjust up to

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