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Product Info :

SXV-080A / SXV-090A is X-ray equipment for the optimumed for high-ability SMT , application possible PCB size the greatest product detect capacity materialization of high-speed and high efficiency.
Also we got a sense of security in the world of business ( 표면선량 less than 1μsv/h )
It doesn’t need to equipment use report and management person . Perfact protection Equipment.

Applications :

    Inspection for BGA, μBGA, CSP, flip-chip, etc.
    Inspection for bare PCB, etc.
    Inspection for die-casting
    Inspection for multi-layered board

User-friendly and easy-to-use

    Automatic brightness & contrast adjustment in Live
    Pseudo 3-dimensional images
    Visual error messages
    Position teaching and reply


  SXV-080A     SXV-090A
 X-ray Tube  Image analysis software and Utility program
 Focus Size  33μm 5 μm  
  • Real-time image processing (Histogram leveling, averaging, brightness, contrast, inverse, sharpness (edge enhancement), smoothing)
  • Precise inspection : distance, area, pseudo 3D display & coloring
  • Real-time digital zooming (Max. 480)
  • Image data base function
  • Macro functions
  • Image integration (Max. 16images)
  • Visual error messaging
  • Image saving and printing function
 Max. 250μA / 80kV / 15W  Max. 250μA / 90kV / 10W
 Geometric Enlargement Ratio  2x to 15x  3x to 100x
 Enlargement Ratio on the Minitor  10x to 30x  10x to 3000x
 Aging(Preheating) Automatic  Automatic
 X-ray shield box and others
 Dimension and Weight
[W x D x H]
 980㎜ x 880㎜ x 1770㎜ , 500kg
 Externally leaking dose  1uSv/h or less
 Power Supply  220VAC±10% 50/60Hz

Main Feature :

  •     High Resolution
  •     Geometric magnification : Max. 100x
  •     Focus size : Min. 5㎛
  •     Max. PCB Size : 500 x 400 mm
  •     X-Y table stroke : 350 x 300 mm