Microcomputer controlled spring lateral stiffness testing machine

Categories: Alat Pengujian
Section:Material Testing Machine
Type: Spring Testing Machine


The microcomputer-controlled spring lateral stiffness testing machine is a spring load testing machine developed for locomotive spring manufacturing enterprises. In addition to the testing function of the conventional spring testing machine , it can strictly follow the European standard EN13298 for the spiral steel suspension spring in the suspension system of the rolling stock. Test and calculate stiffness, lateral displacement, lateral force, lateral stiffness, offset direction, and offset angle, and output different coordinate curves.


The machine consists of drive system, loading system, transmission system, measurement control system, display system, etc. It adopts all-digital AC servo motor and driver, precision planetary reducer, high-efficiency gapless synchronous toothed belt and precision ball screw to form the transmission. Stable and reliable operation.

The functions provided by this machine:

1. Conventional spring test function:

There are various control modes such as force, displacement and deformation:

a) Set the test force and detect the amount of deformation (deflection) of the spring.            

b) Set the amount of deformation (deflection) and check the test force of the spring.

c) set the test force and detect the remaining height of the spring;

d) set the remaining height of the spring to detect the test force of the spring;

e) detecting the stiffness (flexibility) of the spring;

General function

a) According to different spring design requirements, input the known parameters, it can be automatically tested, and automatically return to the initial position of the test after the test is completed. If the batch test is carried out, it will show a strong superiority. Users only need to input the test parameters at one time, and all the automation operations except the replacement of the spring during the experiment can be realized, which has very high test efficiency.

b) It can complete the parameters calibration, zero point clearing, parameter storage and loading of the sensor; the controller has various protection functions such as over-limit of test parameters, over-set automatic stop or alarm;

c) Operating system WindowsXP platform, full Chinese operation interface, friendly man-machine interface, all operations of the testing machine are completed by computer keyboard and mouse, computer screen displays test force, displacement, beam moving speed, testing machine working status, etc. Shortcut key operation. Real-time data acquisition, data processing and processing, and provide data storage, query, printing and other functions, real-time display, drawing test force-deformation curve, can zoom in or out, curve partial enlargement, and users can pass in the zoomed area Mouse drag to achieve the translation of the zoom curve.

2. Lateral stiffness and lateral free bending deformation test function

The specified axial static force acts on the spring, andthe deformation amount and direction of the spring in the X and Y axes are measured, and the bending direction, the offset amount and the angle of the measuring platform are calculated;

Applying an axial static force to the spring, the force that the measuring platform can return to its initial center position, ie the bending force;

The same amount of axial static force is applied to the spring, the lateral force is continuously applied to the spring, the lateral force under the specified lateral displacement is measured, the lateral stiffness of the spring is calculated, and the lateral stiffness -deformation curveof the spring is drawn .