Microcomputer control spring tension and compression testing machine TLS-W10000?30000

Categories: Alat Pengujian
Section:Material Testing Machine
Type: Spring Testing Machine


This machine is mainly suitable for strength test, mechanical properties and process capability analysis of various springs.

This software package consists of function modules such as speed control, parameter input, data processing, result observation, record query, chart display, chart printing, and data saving.

The test method is diversified, and the test force of the spring, the residual height or the deformation amount of the spring can be set; the remaining height or the deformation amount of the spring can be set, and the test force can be detected.

Multi-point automatic shifting collects data and automatically returns to the initial position, automating the entire test process.

The overload automatically returns to protect the sensor from damage.

With powerful data processing function and mathematical statistics function, draw the stiffness curve, calculate the segmentation stiffness of the spring, and can perform data statistics, draw normal distribution map, and calculate process capability index. It adopts numerical control motor speed control system or imported AC servo motor and governor and precision ball screw pair to form the transmission system. It is composed of high-precision load sensor, displacement sensor, digital data acquisition card and PC. The measurement and control system is stable and reliable. Operation and accurate measurement.