LWW-300/600 microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo bending test machine

Categories: Alat Pengujian
Section:Material Testing Machine
Type: Bending Test Machine


The microcomputer-controlled electro-hydraulic servo bending test machine is mainly applied to the testing and testing of the bending properties of materials in various rolling mills, medium and heavy plate mills, steel research institutes, quality inspection institutes, shipbuilding industry and boiler industry, because of its high work efficiency. It is well received by the majority of users, especially the inspection departments of various rolling mills.


It can be used for V-type and 180° U-bend test of round bars of various plates and steel bars. The test standard implements the relevant provisions of GB/T232-2010 "Testing methods for bending of metal materials" to test the blanks of plates under the specified bending angle. Face crack condition.

SEP1390 welding bending test can also be performed . This machine is equipped with a compression attachment, which can be used as a press. If there is a need, it can be equipped with the corresponding attachment for shearing and reaming.